TH,TB Series High Power Gear box because its large torque range, it's widely used in the big machinery such as mine,metallurgy TH, TB Series High Power Gear box is a brand-new model of rigid tooth flank gear reducers with wide application areas, which has the feature of large torque range, a design of unit structure modulization capable of horizontal mounting and vertical mounting, three kinds of output shafts --- solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft with shrink disk. With carbureted high-strength good-quality alloy, the series has the feature of high-efficiency and long life-span, high permissible axial and radial loads, low noise, high reliability and compact structure and so on.

# Specification  
1 Output Speed 1.7 - 1,200r/min
2 Output Torque up to 47,000N.m
3 Motor Power 2.2 - 5,366 kW
4 Mounted Form horizontal mounting, vertical mounting, axis mounting, shrink disk mounting